Wellness Gifts To Ease Your Mind, Body And Soul

When you think of wellness and wellness gifts, what comes to mind? What is always there for you to ease your mind, relax your shoulders and be that comforting symbol throughout your life? This could be when you are celebrating, happy or perhaps grieving or sad, or just in need of a little extra support.

What conquers all regardless of the occasion? TEA!  There is rarely a moment where the invitation or ritual of making and drinking a cup of tea, that doesn’t help. It is there when you need a big hug, seeing a friend you haven’t seen in years, it is the comforting hand holding a hot beverage to see you through anything. And now there are beautiful tea gifts to share the sentiment with someone you love.  Here at Tea & Tonic, we have crafted the perfect gift for tea lovers.

Why Are Wellness Gifts So Important?

Supporting your mental health and taking the time to practice wellness and self-care are essential to the vitality of your life. They can help you connect, to find your inner peace and calm, and improve your flow through the day and indeed life. You can practice this through aromatherapy, as essential oils can help you to find clarity and calm in amongst any storm. A calm essential oil blend is perfect for those moments in life when you need to hit pause, take a breath, and refresh. This meadows secret essential oil is the ideal wellness gift that you can gift to your loved ones. You can help them whether that is to combat stress from work or daily life, or they need some much-needed and deserved ‘me time.’

They can inhale it for the times when they’re on the go and need that moment of serenity, simply add 2-4 drops onto a tissue or 3-7 drops into a bowl of hot water & inhale the aroma.

They can also have the ultimate night of luxury and add up 8 drops into a full bath of water and bathe to enjoy the aromatherapy benefits. Then follow by adding a drop into some oil and massage into their body.  This can help to relax their body as well as ease their mind. Aiding in washing the woes of the day away and starting afresh. For the perfect daily wellness gift, the cleansing balm can help them start the day as they mean to go on.

It is a nutrient-rich skincare remedy that will clean and dissolve make-up, excess oil & impurities from their face, whilst beautifully softening & promoting a supple, dewy-fresh, radiant complexion. To cleanse, take a small amount & massage it onto dry skin. Gently wipe away using a warm, moist cleansing cloth & repeat until clear.

The Ultimate Wellness Gift Box

We all know true wellness comes from sitting down and taking a much-needed break. And here’s introducing the ultimate tea lover gifts to provide just this. This is where the tea lovers gift set comes in. You can gift wellness tea to elevate someone’s day and make them stop and take a few minutes for themselves. The tonic gift set allows you to personalise the set with five different tea bags that promote healing and wellness. Or you can choose specific tea gift sets that promote specific parts of wellness. Here’s our top 4, best rated, award winning products with wellness teas wrapped in our luxury gift boxes:   

The Ultimate Pick Me Up

The Saving Grace Wellness gift set is a superherb facial and holistic healing in a box with matching wellness teas, includes Meadow’s Secret Cleansing Balm 50g, Saving Grace Rich Face Oil 30ml, Organic Hemp Cleansing Cloth x 1 as well as Saving Grace Earl Grey Wellness Tea 28 Tea Bags. Our tea tonic revitalises and awakens you through the afternoon with a complex, clean & fragrant flavour profile.

The Inviting Sleep Wellness gift set is the most luxurious bathing therapy in a box, with bedtime tea for deep relaxation and restful sleep, includes Inviting Sleep Halen Môn Bath Salts 250g Apothecary Bottle and Inviting Sleep Golden Milk Wellness Tea 28 Tea Bags. Our bedtime tonic promotes a peaceful night’s sleep with a creamy, smooth & aromatic flavour profile. It is a bedtime tea for deep relaxation and restful sleep.


Get The Pep Back In Your Step

The High Spirits Wellness Gift Set, is an instant superherb fix for positivity and energy, including a High Spirits Body Oil 100ml as well as High Spirits White Mint Wellness Tea 28 Tea Bags. This is our tonic to energise, uplift & refresh whilst aiding digestion and circulation. A clean, fresh flavour profile with delicate floral tones.

High Spirits Wellness Gift Set pack Shot

Start Your Day The Tonic Way

The Bright Awakening gift set is the perfect start to the day bringing clarity, confidence and brightness of mind, body and skin, includes Bright Awakening Halen Môn Body Scrub 200g and Bright Awakening English Breakfast Tea Wellness 28 Tea Bags. Our tonic to awaken, brighten and revitalise your body and mind. With a smooth, malty richness and herbaceous tone.

Bright Awakening Wellness Gift Set Pack Shot

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