Our Story

Our Story

A Quintessentially British Brand With A Twist

Nestled in the Surrey Hills of England, at Smithbrook Kilns, you’ll find us creating and blending our wellness wonders amidst the tranquil woodland in the converted historic brick kilns. We are soon to open the doors of our Tea & Tonic Apothecary! Here you can visit us to discover and shop the complete range.  Sign up to our newsletter or follow us @teaandtonicapothecary to be the first to hear more.

Smithbrook Kiilns

Smithbrook Kilns

Smithbrook Kilns side window

Tea and Tonic at Smithbrook Kilns

Smithbrook Kilns


Sarah has worked with luxury lifestyle brands for nearly 20 years, managing natural skincare and wellness brands for the past 12. She is privileged to work with world-class spas, wellness spaces and beauty industry leaders.   

Running her business, juggling a young family and dealing with life’s various stresses, she knows how stress impacts how we look and feel. Sarah believes that to achieve wellness, balance and brightness in skin and self, we need to strengthen our resilience to everyday stress. How? She discovered adaptogen superherbs to support her high-paced life and her eyes were opened…

“When I discovered adaptogen herbs, it was a moment of clarity – these mightily clever herbs bring an approach to stress-relief and balance like no other. The power of these herbs has been clearly evidenced within the most ancient wellness medical fields and is finally now being recognised in the western world too.

The proven results are exciting and this brings something truly remarkable to skincare and wellness.” 



meet the team

Aimee Edwards

Helen Hall

Often seen at a distance as she speeds towards the finishing line first. With an abundance of accolades, Helen is always pushing herself to deliver against personal best and improve upon her overall fitness and wellness. 

The concept of Tea & Tonic was one she immediately attuned to, joining the team as Director in early 2020 to help take Tea & Tonic over the finishing line! 

With a degree in Biology and sound understanding of nutrition, Helen believes strongly and passionately about what she puts on and in her body… albeit with a firm stand-point that balance and fun is key. 

Helen’s inner-wellness wisdom is second to none and helps enhance our product development and concept of wiser wellness.


Usha Verdi

Jane Wallwork

Collaborating with British expert in plant and herbal medicine, Jane brings 30 years hands-on experience specialising in skin conditions and mental wellness with a passion for indigenous flora.  

Jane has been part of the product development team for several years. She is instrumental in ensuring our plant and herbal efficacy, sourcing and production techniques are of the highest quality and potency. 

Jane has selected the most effective combination of adaptogens for balancing, strengthening and protecting skin, body and mind for our Adaptogen Superherb Complex™ to support all skin types and needs, even the most sensitive.


Tea & Tonic is part of Wild Brands Ltd.  

Wild Brands Ltd provides holistic therapies and luxury natural skincare to many world-class spas and wellness spaces.

Discover our fresh and innovative approach to health and wellbeing.


All our skincare boasts carefully selected British-grown actives to deliver specific nutrients, carefully selected to support our Superherbs.  Every ingredient we source is a true celebration of nature in terms of efficacy and innovation, because we believe quality products should go beyond the expected.

Partnering directly with growers and our own herbalist’s medicine garden, we infuse all our own herbal oils, creating 100% unique skincare with the highest level of freshness and potency.

Birch Syrup Company

Halen Môn

Cotswold Lavender


Every skincare boasts carefully selected British-grown actives to deliver specific nutrients. We strive to discover innovative British botanicals – ones which are a true celebration of nature. We refuse to use cheap alternatives or fillers – you will not find a drop of the usual suspects in any of our blends!  

Partnering directly with growers and our own herbalist’s medicine garden, we infuse all our own herbal macerations into each skincare blend making ours 100% unique with the ability to bring the highest level of freshness and potency.

Birch Syrup Company

Halen Môn

Cotswold Lavender

Featured British Partnerships

We source 100% natural ingredients of the highest quality, as locally, sustainably and fresh as possible – if we could better grow it and cultivate it ourselves, then we would!



Nestled in the Isle of Mull, Scotland, we work exclusively with the Birch Syrup Company to source pure birch sap from the birch trees across the Highlands.


Tea & Tonic is the first and only spa and skincare range to use pure birch tree sap from the British Isles.


Highland Birch Tonic-Serum


Did you know?  

Birch Sap is tapped from Birch Trees and has been consumed for hundreds of years in the Northern Hemisphere with a reputation for improving wellness and helping various skin conditions. This Highlands Birch Sap is stacked with micro-nutrients including 17 amino acids and an abundance of trace minerals. A powerhouse of antioxidants and rejuvenating virtues and hence why it has formed the first hybrid Tonic-Serum.


What makes them special?

Sourcing from the trees high up in the beautiful forest in the far North of Scotland, where the air is pure and the water runs clear. These perfect conditions produce the highest quality birch sap, created in a way that is environmentally friendly and fully sustainable.



A third generation family farm set in the heart of the beautiful Cotswold Hills and we proudly work directly with Charlie, the farmer, when he’s not out on his tractor! Here we source the most beautiful and fresh Cotswold Lavender found in many of our aromatherapy blends!


Lavender is not just relaxing! Did you know?  

Whilst always thought of for its scent, it contains remarkable healing properties and has been used in folk remedies for centuries to treat many an ailment. Lavender also has adaptogenic properties so can be uplifting AND relaxing providing a source for clarity and energy as well as a source for sleep and deep relaxation. We cleverly blend to harness the therapeutic powers to suit each product and need.


What makes them special? 

The Cotswold Lavender is harvested at the peak of the summer sunshine and distilled by traditional methods and aged for a year before use. They harvest over 40 different varieties over 140 miles of rows – that’s over 500,000 plants in total!



Halen Môn is our exclusive partner for mineral-rich sea salt – discover the most luxurious of salt in our therapeutic Bath Salts and invigorating, skin smoothing Body Scrub.


Inviting Sleep Halen Môn Bath Salts

Bright Awakening Halen Môn Body Scrub


Salt is not just salt!  Did you know?

This specialist sea salt is enjoyed around the world by chefs, salt connoisseurs and even Barack Obama. It has been served at the London 2012 Olympics, political summits and royal weddings. The Salt in most oceans is approximately 85% sodium chloride while Halen Môn is around 12-18% sodium chloride and boasts high concentrations of potassium, magnesium and bromide. This level of trace minerals in high-grade salts as such are well-reputed for their therapeutic and skin conditioning properties.


Tea & Tonic is the first and only spa and skincare range where you can experience this Halen Môn mineral-rich salt!


What makes them special?

Hand-harvested from the Queen’s coastline using pure charcoal-filtered seawater of Anglesey. Halen Mon are one of the few sea salt producers in the country to have qualified for Certified Product Status from the Soil Association. Every pack of sea salt supplied to Tea & Tonic is marked with the harvest date and the salt maker’s initials, so we can trace to the actual source and person who hand-harvested and then packed this!



This company is the future of forests, striving to improve climate change and a planting plan which is approved by Scottish Natural Heritage. These very forests are where we source our Birch Tree Sap…and are the same forests we reinvest into with Our Carbon sustainability scheme. Unlike many carbon schemes, we have full and direct traceability of offsetting our carbon directly back to a specific tree and forest. We are pioneering the way for skincare and wellness brands with such a partnership where we literally feed back to the exact trees we have taken from!


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