The Wiser Approach

Our Sustainability Mission

As we walk on this Earth, we promise to stride with conscience and tiptoe lightly…respecting whilst celebrating the nature we live amongst.

We aim to be the best we can, to continually improve, being honest and transparent at every step. This for us, is the wiser approach to skincare and wellness.


Packaging is just one part yet the one most people think about!

For us, our sustainability mission is integral throughout our entire product journey and here’s how:

Birch Syrup Company

Halen Môn

Cotswold Lavender


All our ingredients are ethically sourced from traceable, well-trusted growers, all meeting the highest quality standards.

Our products use 100% natural ingredients. We source the highest quality ingredients that are as local and fresh as possible – if we can better grow it and cultivate it ourselves, then we would!

When our herbalist is not found growing these, then we work endlessly to source unique ingredients direct from local growers, co-operatives and suppliers that carry the same sustainable and transparent approach that we do.

We only use ingredients that excite us and ones that bring something truly effective and incredible to our formulas. For us, to create a product in the first place, it must bring results and joy to people!

Why not 100% organic?

We use organic ingredients in many cases, yet we love wild-grown too. We found that often the smaller growers who are offering ingredients that are as fresh and natural as they come, are not able to afford the certifications yet are responsibly producing high quality organically grown crops that are kind to our planet.

And for that reason, we look at the ingredient and the grower to assess the best for our products.


We take great pride in our craftmanship – avoiding mass production and blending meticulously by hand using traditional methods that take longer yet yearn exceptional results.

We infuse all our own herb oils to create truly unique formulas, literally fortified to the brim with the fruits (and herbs!) of our labour.

We produce in small batches for optimal freshness & potency.

Yes this takes longer but the results are worth it!

Birch Syrup Company


Our aim is to create packaging that is either recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable, wherever possible.

We use glass for all our retail packaging for its sustainable credentials. We further encourage you to increase the life span of these to help reduce the levels of recycling (this still uses energy!) by offering 100% fully recyclable options with re-purchase.  Currently it is just our white pipettes, pumps and lids that are not yet recyclable.

We encourage people to re-use their bottles and closures by:

  • Re-purchasing our refill pouches (which are 100% recyclable)


  • Opting for an alternative recyclable aluminium caps and reusing your pipettes / pumps when you re-purchase the same product.

For our Teas: all inner packaging is 100% biodegradable and compostable.

Outer Packaging: all cardboard boxes are carefully created, printed and made locally with sustainability front of mind:

  • 100% of our cardboard is sourced and certified from well-managed forests carrying the mark of responsible forest management (www.fsc.org)
  • We print using vegetable based inks
  • All our boxes are carbon balanced under the World Land Trust (WLT) – an international conservation charity that protects the world’s most biologically significant and threatened habitats


Wellness Tea Set Trio and Spoon

We take utmost pride to ensure your products arrive safely and looking beautiful.

We use high quality recycled packaging that you can then recycle too.

We communicate your order details via email or text rather than using any excess paper in your parcel.

We use a delivery service that allows you to amend your delivery to a suitable time to avoid any re-deliveries or further journeys for yourself.


We want our products to market themselves through word of mouth as this is the most sustainable and transparent way to grow our business! 

So please help us by liking, sharing and reviewing products you try.

We of course need to do some marketing and we choose to focus on activity which uses minimal print.

As a business, we are conscious about our environmental impact so our priority is to continually work to reduce this in the first instance, whilst offsetting any elements where we fall short.

We have a forest partnership scheme to offset our carbon impact which enables us to directly trace which trees we offset against.