Blue Monday: How To Bring Energy & Positivity to Your Dark Mornings

Now that January is fully in swing, it’s around this time that people begin to re-evaluate their previously set New Year’s resolutions. With the concept of ‘New Year, New Me’ starting to lose it’s buzz of excitement, some of us have already started to think about giving up on our goals for 2022. Here, we will be discussing what the infamous ‘Blue Monday’ is, how you can stick to your resolutions throughout the year and how to bring High Spirits and positivity back to your dark mornings!

What is ‘Blue Monday?’

You’ve probably heard of the ‘January Blues’, but what about Blue Monday? 


After a long, festive break surrounded by family and friends, it can seem almost disheartening to get back to the reality of work and normal daily routines. The bleak weather also doesn’t help this case, as we are still waking up to dark mornings and experiencing a lot less daylight than in the summertime, meaning that we may begin to lack energy and motivation. In addition, January can be a hard time financially for some. We all know that the festive season isn’t exactly cheap and on top of that, many people have to wait an extra week for their January paycheck to arrive, as some get paid before the Christmas holiday.


Tie all of this in with a Monday morning, and you definitely have the recipe for a ‘‘Blue Monday’. However, the term ‘Blue Monday’ has become very specifically tied to the third Monday of January in recent years. This is because, as well as the reasons above, many people begin to give up or ditch their New Year’s resolutions around this time. The buzz of excitement surrounding the New Year has worn off and therefore, so has many of our motivation to stick to our new goals.

How To Stick To Your New Year’s Resolutions


The concept of ‘New Year, New Me’ can seem extremely daunting and the pressure of setting goals for 2022 can have us setting unrealistic goals for ourselves. The first rule of New Year’s Resolutions is to make them attainable. Maybe you want to start going to bed earlier this year? Or make some more time to exercise? Whatever your aim is, it’s vital that it’s reasonable for you to complete. Don’t let Blue Monday get the better of you by setting goals which are impossible for you to achieve. 

Another golden rule is to not feel bad if you don’t knock it out of the park in the first month. So many people give up on the third Monday of January because they no longer feel motivated and haven’t achieved their goal in the first few weeks. New Year’s resolutions, as the name suggests, are meant to be completed throughout the year. So don’t feel downhearted if you haven’t completed it early into the first month. 


To help you stay on track and give you realistic checkpoints for your goals, might we suggest writing them down? Studies have shown that by writing down your goals and reminding yourself throughout the year what they are, you are more likely to complete them. Writing them down or even planning out how you are going to achieve your aims, gives you a clearer picture of what success looks like.

Start Your Morning with Energy and Positivity

When it comes to focusing on your goals and beating the dreaded ‘Blue Monday’ trend, it’s important that you start off your days how you mean to go on. It can be easy during the month of January to sleep in late, as the sun doesn’t rise until much later in the morning and sets much sooner, leaving us with what feels like, less hours in the day. Whilst this may feel like the easy option, it can promote more fatigue and reduce motivation overall. 


To add that zap of energy and positivity back into your dark mornings, you can set a routine that will have you excited to jump out of bed and ease yourself into a more productive day.


We don’t know about you, but starting the day off with a refreshing and beneficial tea is a great morning wake up. Our White Mint Wellness Tea from our High Spirits collection is ideal for those cold wake ups. With an uplifting blend of white tea, peppermint, eucalyptus and mixed with super herbs, this tea will help balance any stresses that you have woken up with and even support a healthy immune system to see you through the colder beginning months of the year.

If you are someone who likes to start their day off with a shower or bath, adding a calming oil or body wash to your wake up routine can also help you bring that spark of energy you may need in the mornings. Our Bath and Shower Oil, also from our High Spirits Collection is the perfect candidate. This aromatherapy bathing tonic will not only have you smelling fresh, but it will also help you shake off that unmotivated feeling and get you ready for the day ahead. This product is designed to uplift and energise you through the power of plant oil, which also has the additional benefits of nourishing and softening your skin.

With your New Year’s resolutions in mind, before you leave the house, harnessing the power of smell and using an essential oil blend could be a great way to keep you feeling focused throughout the day. Our Bright Awakening Essential Oil Blend from our Bright Awakening collection promotes a feeling of clarity and confidence. By inhaling this oil throughout the day, adding a couple of drops to your morning bath or using it in your diffuser around the home, you will gain more clarity and begin to feel brighter, more revitalised, giving you that extra motivational boost! 

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