5 Of Our Top Recommended Natural Skincare Products

Keeping your skin looking fresh and radiant is of the utmost importance. Glowing skin is one of the biggest indicators that lets us know that we are also healthy on the inside and here at Tea & Tonic, we believe that it should be treated with a lot of love and care. So, as we step into another year, we want to give you our top recommended natural skincare products which our team swear by. If you’re looking to make some positive changes this year and add some natural skincare products to your routine in 2022, carry on reading!

The Important of Natural Skincare Products

As natural skincare consumers, one of the main questions we ask ourselves before purchasing a product is, what goes into them? If you struggle with sensitive or irritated skin, you may feel more inclined to read the label of your beauty products to narrow down what the more abrasive ingredients are which could be causing your skin to react. Or, if you fall into the oily skin category, you could be looking for a product which contains oils that are non-comedogenic (non pore clogging) or water-based products that are alcohol free. These are all important factors that come into curating your beauty regime. 

However, what about where the products and ingredients come from? With the discussion of protecting the planet happening regularly and making more eco conscious choices being on everybody’s minds, choosing more naturally produced makeup or skin care products could be a great option. For example, a lot of most mainstream cosmetics and skincare brands are filled with toxic chemicals so even if they are deemed ‘safe’ for our skin, they’re toxic for the environment either within the manufacturing process or where they end up when they eventually make their way into our ecosystem, either through soil or oceans. Of course, this can have long lasting and damaging effects on our natural wildlife. Shopping for naturally derived skincare products which have been sustainably sourced, produced and packaged, is a winning combination for our skin and our planet.  In this article, we have broken down what our 5 top recommended natural skincare products are and how they are better for the environment.

1. Inviting Sleep Body Oil

We all know that one of the most important steps to a beauty regime is a full night’s sleep. Without our recommended seven to eight hours of shut eye, our skin may lack that glow or feeling of freshness. But getting a peaceful rest is sometimes easier said than done.

Occasionally, we all may need a little help falling into a restful night of sleep and that’s where our Inviting Sleep Body Oil comes in. This tonic helps to promote relaxation, also nourishing and smoothing your skin whilst doing so. To use, simply apply in circular motions across the body before settling into bed in the evening. In addition, you can also sleep well at night knowing that this all natural body oil is also made with the environment in mind. Created with 80% of it’s ingredients grown in the UK, this product hasn’t had to travel far to end up in your hands. Also, when you repurchase, we recommend you opt for the aluminum cap as the pump is reusable.  This way your purchase is 100% recyclable body oil.


If luxury is what you are looking to add to your day-to-day skincare routine, Tea & Tonic have got you covered. With our Bright Awakening Halen Môn Body Scrub, you will be able to awaken, brighten and revitalise both your body and mind.

Produced from the purest ingredients, this product is created with hand-harvested Halen Môn Salt coming from the queen’s coastline in Anglesey.  The salts in this scrub soften and tone your skin and even once rinsed away, will leave you feeling hydrated and smooth with no further moisturizing needed. This also has a 100% recyclable refill option too!

3. The Meadows Secret Cleansing Balm

Only produced in small batches, The Meadow’s Secret Cleansing Balm is hand-blended and allows you to experience the British meadow right from the comfort of your own home. 

When curating your everyday skincare routine, it’s important to understand where your beauty products come from. With Tea & Tonic, we can guarantee that our skincare range is full of natural and cruelty free items which will have you looking after both your skin and the environment.

Our Meadow’s Secret Cleansing Balm is the perfect example of this. It includes Crambe Abyssinian Seed Oil which is grown as part of the Bee Friendly project (RHS Plants for Pollinators) which helps local ecosystems by supporting a healthy and growing Bee population. In addition to this, 90% of the ingredients found in this balm comes from  UK farms, which not only supports local farmers but also ensures freshness and cuts down on mileage. This also has a 100% recyclable refill option too!

4. Loose Leaf Wellness Tea

As mentioned, achieving that ultimate skin glow is also linked to what we put into our bodies.  Tea is a great way of embracing a more holistic approach to skincare, drink 2-3 cups of wellness teas everyday to hydrate whilst adding antioxidants and skin nutrients to your diet. 

Our teas take this one step further as they’re fortified with an adaptogen herbal complex alongside your favourite tea blends, helping to balance cortisol; reduce stress and support a healthy immune system.  This in turn balances and brightens our skin!  

So why loose leaf?  Whilst tea bags are convenient (and ours are fully biodegradable and compostable) the production process for loose leaf is the kinder option for the environment as less energy and materials are used.  Our Wellness Teas are created by British Tea Connoisseurs and hand-blended right here in the UK so there is no compromise in flavour, quite the opposite.  Not forgetting the beautiful tea caddy which is re-usable again and again.  And in the words of Sir Arthur Wing Pinero ‘Where there’s tea, there’s hope’.

5. Saving Grace Rich Face Oil

If you are looking to reinvent or supercharge your skincare routine in 2022, using apoptogenic face oils could be the ideal solution. Face oils have many benefits, such as reducing wrinkles, helping replenish dry skin, acting as the perfect primer for makeup, shrinking the appearance of pores and even preventing nasty future breakouts. Add adaptogen herbs to this and you have a perfect blend to help adapt to your skin needs bringing balance and protecting against skin stress. 

Along with all of these benefits, our Saving Grace Rich Face Oil is an all natural skincare product which is 100% vegan friendly and cruelty free. Our face oils are a great way to  look after your skin whilst also caring for the planet.

The Saving Grace Rich Face Oil includes 100% bioactive skin nutrients with antioxidants and adaptogens plus Vitamin C & E, omega and Fatty Acids. We recommend applying this face oil in the evening, giving it time to penetrate and replenish the skin for a smooth, supple and comforted complexion by morning.  As with the body oil, the pipette is reusable so opt for the aluminium cap when you repurchase.

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