World Sleep Day: A Night time Skincare Routine To Help You Unwind In The Evening

World Sleep Day reminds us that it’s important to start looking at our own relationship with our sleep schedules. Sleep links directly to our physical and mental wellbeing as well as being seen in how our skin looks and performs too!  Setting healthy sleeping habits with an effective nighttime routine, whether that be focusing on our minds, bodies, or even our skin, are all vital ingredients in promoting healthy skin, mind, and body. In this article, we will be looking at World Sleep Day, how to embrace this and the importance of an evening routine in prepping both yourself and your skin ready for bed. 

Time To Celebrate World Sleep Day

World Sleep Day focuses on our relationship with sleep and what ‘sleep health’ means to us. Every year, this annual event is celebrated in many parts of the world, and as the awareness grows around the need for a strong relationship with our wellbeing, so does our need to develop healthy habits – such as our nighttime routine. Millions of people worldwide aim to amplify the benefits of healthy sleep, echoing the day’s slogan of ‘Quality Sleep, Sound Mind, Happy World’. This celebration of sleep focuses on how sleep correlates with our mental health, and how fatigue can weigh us down physically, mentally, and emotionally. 

So, how do you celebrate World Sleep Day? Many people celebrate in their own ways, typically by giving their attention to assessing their own sleeping schedule. For example, if you struggle to fall asleep at night, then this annual holiday could be the time to truly look at why that is. Many individuals download a new sleep app or even buy a new mattress or duvet on this day. However, your gestures can be a little less grand by simply taking a nap or taking time out of your evening to truly wind down – however you choose to celebrate, World Sleep Day is a great time to truly check in with yourself, your sleeping habits and your overall wellness routine. 

Speaking of wellness routine – here at Tea & Tonic, we focus on a wiser approach that is integrated, interactive, and continuously evolving.  We aim to share knowledge, bring strength and support, and encourage the growth of ourselves and our community. Another way people celebrate World Sleep Day is through sharing their nighttime routines and what helps them to fall asleep soundly at night. Through sharing their top tricks and tips, we are all able to learn new things which can also impact our routines. We would love to hear any of your sleep advice! Feel free to send in your wellness tips.

The Importance of Forming An Evening Ritual

How do you wind down in the evening? Having an evening ritual can hold many benefits. By setting yourself a clear routine before bed, or even once you’ve gotten in from work on the weekdays, you can really put some time aside to get check-in with yourself and create those all-important healthy habits. 

One of the main ways to do this is to disconnect. Once you turn out those lights, or even an hour or so before, completely shut off your phone. Of course, in these modern times, hardly anyone turns off their phones completely, but by putting them to the side and out of reach, you won’t be tempted as much to use them before going to sleep. This goes for any electrical device, including your iPad, TV, or laptop. All these appliances can be a real burden on your system and affect your circadian rhythm

Another element that could be beneficial to add to your night time routine is meditation. For both your body and your mind, meditation can help you focus, relax and release any stress you may be feeling. With this in mind, it’s no surprise that it can also help you along your journey to get a good night’s sleep. Whilst completing this part of your routine, we would recommend using our Inviting Sleep Essential Oil Blend. With its calming blend, you will finish your mediation practice feeling fully refreshed and ready to fall into bed.

Another important part of your routine should be surrounding your activity before bed. Try minimising any exciting or mentally stimulating activities after 8:30 pm. After this time, it will be much more challenging to wind down your brain and you will have to work harder to feel more relaxed before bed.

Evening Skincare Routine

Speaking of having a bedtime routine that benefits you and gets you ready to fall asleep, what about your evening skincare routine? Much like our minds and bodies, getting our skin also ready for bed is of utmost importance. Before bed, thoroughly cleaning the skin using a product such as our Meadow’s Secret Cleansing Balm will leave your skin feeling clean and pillowy-soft. To use, simply take a small amount & massage it onto dry skin. Gently wipe away using a warm, moist facecloth & repeat until clear. For optimal results, we recommend combining this cleansing balm with our Organic Hemp Cleansing Cloths. After massaging the Cleansing Balm into dry face, neck, and decollete, just moisten the baby-soft hemp cleansing cloth with warm water and gently remove makeup to reveal your super clean, fresh skin.

If you like a double clean then combine with our Wild Meadow Herb Oil for a secondary deep-cleanse, again massaging in and removing with a damp cleaning cloth.  This often leaves skin without a need for any heavy moisturisers.  Just finish with a couple of drops of our Saving Grace Rich Face Oil to complete your evening skincare routine for the ultimate replenishment and nourishment overnight.  Wake and notice the difference in the texture and radiance of your skin!

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