What Does The Term ‘Sustainable Skincare’ Actually Mean?

The market for sustainable skincare products just keeps growing. Year on year, we see new ranges that profess to be eco-friendly. It can become difficult to differentiate between who is thinking about the planet and who is simply claiming that they have considered how their products may be affecting the earth. In this article, we will be looking at what being a sustainable brand truly means, how products can put the planet, wildlife and the ecosystem first and also, how vital being transparent is.

The Beauty Of Sustainable skincare

Reflecting how we feel about Mother Earth through our purchases is something many of us strive for. Through buying our skincare products, we may seek out products which market themselves as being eco-friendly. Many of us remain firmly loyal to those which are as kind to the planet as we aim to be. However, with so many different labels and variations on what it means for products to be ‘sustainable’, it can become difficult to see which ones truly are.

When a beauty brand states that they are ethical or sustainable it takes a little more digging to see just how sustainable they really are.  Sadly, many seem to be merely using these terms as a marketing campaign, or perhaps over claiming on their eco-credentials for a very mediocre effort – a trend now known as ‘greenwashing’. 

Here at Tea & Tonic, we want to focus on what we use in our everyday life. From the cups of tea we drink, right down to the body oil we use. Every time we purchase something new, we are making a statement based on where we spend our money. We want our statement to be all about celebrating and protecting nature by being more sustainable and mindful for our planet.

Considering The Planet First

When it comes to purchasing products, we rarely think about the journey it has taken to land in our hands. Creating sustainable skincare is not only about the packaging but is largely about the elements and ingredients that go into making these products too. 

The journey of a product is not a small matter. For skincare, just considering the expedition that the ingredients alone must take from how they’re grown, picked, delivered and then blended can really put into perspective how much energy goes into creating certain products. 

Tea & Tonic is passionate about the journey of each and every product, being mindful to Mother Nature remained firmly at the heart of us constructing the range. Where possible, we seek the most ethical growing and production methods …and goes without saying this extends to the creation and production of packaging too.

We use 100% natural ingredients and materials with sustainability in mind. Searching tirelessly for the best quality, freshness and traceability as we go – paying particular attention to the mileage and environmental impact of each element. To support local farmers and suppliers, we look to them for most of our ingredients that go into the creation process both for traceability and sustainability. This is just the beginning for us, we know we can continue to do better. 

The Importance of Transparency

One of the most meaningful hallmarks of a sustainable skincare brand is being transparent with their customers. Through clear messaging about what ingredients are being used, how products are being created and even down to how they will come packaged, means that the brand is thinking beyond the ingredients to the people involved in obtaining them and how fairly they would have been treated. With a focus on the individuals making the range of products, there is also a strong consideration for the environmental impact that they could cause.

By being able to state where each ingredient has come from, there is an element of transparency between the customer and brand. There are no secrets hidden and we are able to be fully clear about what we are purchasing. 

Tea & Tonic look to a wiser approach to wellness, which for us, means that we promise to stride with conscience and tiptoe lightly, respecting whilst celebrating the nature we live amongst as we walk on this earth. By aiming to be the best we truly can be, we forge forward, continually improving and ensuring that we are forever being honest and transparent with every single step. This for us, is the wiser approach to skincare and wellness.

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