The Sleeping Qualities of Turmeric

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We all know a good night’s sleep can make or break our day. Without that all-important seven to eight hours of recommended shut-eye, we can really lack energy the next day, leaving us feeling run-down and even in a bad mood! In this article, we will be exploring how turmeric can help us sleep better at night, why this spice is good for you, and how you incorporate it into your daily routine.

Is Turmeric Good For You?

Turmeric tea could be your saviour, this vibrant powerhouse is key for packing your body with vital nutrients, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory properties. With numerous health benefits like improving heart health and even being reputed to help prevent certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s and cancers. Turmeric is hailed as a common medicinal spice, part of the ginger family, and can be used to aid the quality of sleep whilst also lowering anxiety levels, improving mood, and promoting relaxation.

Ginger Turmeric Loose Leaf with tea infuser

The Benefits Of Adding More Turmeric To Your Diet

So, what are the benefits of adding more turmeric to your diet? As mentioned above, turmeric is perfect for sleep! One of the most common causes of sleep deprivation is not being able to switch off at night. This generally is down to elevated levels of stress, anxiety, or a racing mind – this is where turmeric comes in! Turmeric can lower your anxiety levels, so slipping this super spice into your bedtime rituals can really help you unwind whilst also helping ease any bad moods. 

On top of all the good sleep turmeric could bring you, it’s also a natural inflammatory. Whilst inflammation is a necessary and natural process that happens in the body as it repairs damage caused by any viruses or injuries, long-term inflammation is a problem. Turmeric can potentially help with this, as it has been seen to have positive effects on people who are suffering from such conditions as arthritis and inflammatory bowel disease. 

How To Add Turmeric To Your Daily Routine

There are many ways to add this valuable spice to your daily routine. Firstly, why not try to include it in your mealtimes? Turmeric goes heavenly alongside some of the most popular curry dishes, giving them that extra spicy finish. 

Another way to ensure you are getting turmeric in your everyday life is to take supplements. This is often considered more convenient (if you remember to take them!) but do be sure to check the overall content as sometimes the anti-caking ingredients and fillers added into some supplements can outweigh the benefit or hinder the absorption even! 

Drinking turmeric teas on a regular basis is our favourite way to up our intake. Here at & Tonic, we focus on shaping wellness through fresh, super ingredients and the use of turmeric is commonly occurring through a range of products. We always fuel Turmeric alongside Black Pepper as this can increase the absorption by up to 2000%!  We further boost with other super herbs that work in synergy with turmeric.  For example, see the Golden Milk Inviting Sleep Wellness Loose Leaf Tea where we match turmeric with black pepper, rooibos, ashwagandha, linden blossom & lavender for a creamy comforting wellness tea, perfect for winding down for bed and completely caffeine-free. This blend with super herb properties also helps reduce stress and supports a healthy immune system – a good introduction to herbal tea for the general tea lover with the added option of adding milk!

Another one of our turmeric super blend teas is our Ginger Turmeric Tonic Wellness Tea Bags. Again with black pepper (a must for us when using Turmeric!) alongside ingredients like ginger, turmeric & lemon myrtle along with its adaptogen super herb complex, this tea is perfect for a health kick in the spring months. Turmeric tea is well known for its impressive sleep aid due to its relaxation and anti-inflammatory properties but with this blend, it’s also powered alongside ginger and Schisandra berries to give a much-needed wellness boost making it perfect post-workout or to aid recovery when feeling run-down. We recommended drinking this herbal tea without milk, but alternatively perfect for adding a drop of honey to add to that health kick.

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