The Farm To Face Approach: The Importance Of Locally Sourced Ingredients

Sustainable skincare brands are on the rise yet can be hard to find or understand. You want your skincare to align with your values. At Tea & Tonic, we understand this struggle and that’s why we strive to be a transparent, ethical and sustainable skincare brand.

Everyone has an idea of what farm to table means in terms of what we eat and how ‘we are what we eat’ but phrases go deeper than just talking about the food we consume and healthy eating.

But what about farm to face?  Well, beauty is more than just the products we use, a large part of it is about all the individual ingredients that goes into these that we put onto our skin.  Did you know our skin is our largest and one of the most important organs?  It’s only natural you would want to know just as much about these ingredients as you would about those on your plate!  

Farm to Face Beauty

The knowledge of healthy food and eating habits has evolved over the years and has gone beyond just eating fruit and vegetables. Our main concerns aren’t just focused on the food that we eat but also on how and where it is produced.  Hence the boom in the organic and superfood market. People are turning their attention to what is used and put into growing and manufacturing the normal ‘conventional’ food we have been used to in our supermarkets for many years. This is the difference between the two and why it has had a boom in our attention as well as our concerns, with pesticides, fatty processed foods, additives…the list is endless.

Today, these concerns extend from this to what we put onto our skin. The notion of “you are what you apply” or “farm-to-face” beauty are relatively new terms.  Yet it is just as vital to review what we are putting on our bodies as it is to know what we put in them.

At Tea & Tonic, we produce blends with a conscience, and we source with great care.  Not only this, but we are open about it too because we believe you should know this too!

What is Farm-to-Face Skincare Exactly?

Farm to face skincare uses fresh ingredients, grown locally or from a known farm where the journey into the beauty products is known. This ensures the purest quality of products while allowing for the availability of the freshest ingredients.

We take a farm-to-face approach at Tea & Tonic, focusing on product sustainability and transparency throughout the production processes.

Supporting sustainable skincare and in particular, UK brands is a great way to support the environment as ingredients and packaging can be locally sourced and products produced.  Do check this out though as many UK brands are not necessarily using UK-grown!

The Importance Of Locally Sourced Ingredients

This movement has led to people seeking complete transparency from their beauty brands now more than ever. They want to know everything about the ingredients, including where they came from and how the product was made. From parabens to potential skin-aggravating ingredients, they want to know exactly what is used.

At Tea & Tonic, if a crop can be grown and sourced here in the UK, we will use it or we will be helping grow it, regardless of price.  And in fact, we have formulated our range to ensure the majority of ingredients we use are British-grown.  We only source from sustainable growers who demand the same exceptional quality and ethical standards as us.

Working Together Towards Wiser Wellness

At Tea & Tonic, we make it our mission to bring about a wiser approach to wellness, delivering nature’s most effective ingredients sustainably and conscientiously for our own and our planet’s welfare.

So ingredient sourcing for us comes from a place of reducing carbon and reducing wastage and in turn striving for more concentrated formulas that are full to the brim of bioactive goodness without any ‘filler’ ingredients which are all too often used. 

We focus on being 100% natural, using the most ecological and ethical ingredients, manufacturing techniques, and packaging.

And this runs through to creating and producing sustainable skincare packaging – all designed and printed locally.  And we use packaging that is either recyclable, biodegradable, or compostable, wherever possible.

We vow to challenge ourselves to grow more sustainably at every step of our journey. We promise to stride with conscience and tiptoe gently and mindfully as we walk on this Earth, respecting and celebrating the natural world in which we inhabit.

                                                                                What’s your favorite UK-grown ingredient?

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