Resetting Your Natural Body Clock: Understanding Our Circadian Rhythm

Once you fall out of your morning or nighttime routine, it can be hard to get back into it. Many things can cause us to stop sleeping peacefully, including everyday stress, balancing our work life, and sometimes, even our diets. Our circadian rhythms are a key factor that we have to pay attention to for resetting our body clocks and resetting healthy sleeping habits. In this article, we will be breaking down what our circadian rhythm is, how you can reset it and what Tea & Tonic products you can incorporate into your routine to give you a helping hand.

What is Circadian Rhythm?

It is our natural internal 24hr clock.  Specifically, how our brain and body regulate themselves from wake to sleep and this rhythm plays a critical part in our physical and mental wellness. Sometimes referred to as our wake/sleep cycle.  Here at Tea & Tonic, we truly understand the need for quality rest and a peaceful night of uninterrupted sleep equally as well as the need for energy and clarity throughout our day.  We also understand that due to these modern times, with our phones constantly in our hands or even on our wrists feeding us constantly with news, social media, work, and so on, our ‘always-on’ approach to life makes for a far more busy and stressful lifestyle, where our wake/sleep cycle is easily disrupted. To keep to a beneficial sleeping schedule, we have to be able to check-in with ourselves and set strict boundaries. 

If you didn’t already know, being aware of our circadian rhythms is a great way to do this. Our circadian rhythms include our physical, mental, and behavioural changes and patterns which we follow on a 24-hour basis. Naturally, our bodies respond to light and dark, which aside from us, also affect most living things such as animals, plants, and microbes. Our circadian rhythms allow us to feel tired when it’s dark outside and awake during the day. In winter, you may find yourself feeling more low energy – this is due to our days being cut short and not having as much sunlight as in the summer. 

How To Reset Our Circadian Rhythm

Resetting our circadian rhythm is a difficult task but one that you can truly benefit from in the long run. It takes a lot of self-control, especially when it comes to technology.  Light impacts our circadian rhythm and blue light in particular is seen as having a bigger impact.  This is a good thing during the daytime and in fact we get most of our blue light exposure from the sun however we also get it from electronic devices so using these at night prevents our brain from releasing melatonin (known as our ‘sleep hormone’)  and keeps us in an ‘alert phase’.  So one of the first steps we highly recommend taking is avoiding your screen two hours before bed and if you can’t avoid screens then take a look at some of the apps or blue light glasses available now which reduce the level of blue light you’re exposed to.  If it’s purely down to habit, try replacing your phone, tablet, TV or laptop for a healthier one like reading a good book, taking a bath or drinking herbal tea

Establishing a clear-cut routine is also a great way to let your body know when it’s time to unwind and get ready for sleep or when it’s time to wake up and energise. When we are younger, typically our bedtime routine is created for us and as we age, we begin to make up our very own. Regardless of age, having a regular schedule helps us with that all-important shut-eye and gives us the ability to function at our optimal levels. By maintaining good sleeping habits, we will be able to fall asleep easier and wake up feeling well-rested and refreshed. 

Another reason why your circadian rhythm might be disturbed could be down to your surroundings. Sleeping with minimal light and in a relaxing, cool (but not too cold) environment are all key ingredients that help align our circadian rhythm for that perfect night’s rest. We recommend switching out light curtains for darker, preferably black-out ones, and keeping your room naturally ventilated at around 18℃ in order to best mimic the outside day and night cycles in your bedroom.  Then upon waking, open those curtains and let yourself absorb the daylight, and step out for some fresh air.

How To Use Tea & Tonic Products To Help Reset Your Circadian Rhythm

As we said, our team understands sleep and the importance of it being both uninterrupted and peaceful. Yet equally the need for being alert and energised during the day.  We specialise in creating a range of products that support both sides of the cycle so you can get the best night’s rest possible and then also make the most of your day.

One step of your evening routine should be to include a calming body oil such as our Inviting Sleep Body oil. This tonic promotes a peaceful night’s sleep as well as aiding in complete relaxation whilst also hydrating, nourishing, and smoothing your skin. To apply,  simply rub into your skin in circular motions across the entirety of your body. Perfect for straight after your shower or right before you snuggle down into bed. 

Along with this dreamy product, we also do a selection of caffeine-free teas which will help lull you right to sleep. Our Golden Milk Inviting Sleep Wellness Tea Bags are made up of a cosy creamy blend of Rooibos, turmeric, linden, and lavender along with super herbs to help balance stress and support a healthy immune system. Before bed, drop in one of the biodegradable, hand-blended tea pyramids into freshly boiled water (or hot milk for an extra creamy bedtime drink) and leave it to infuse for three-five minutes. Drink 30-60minutes before going to sleep for optimal effect. 

On the flip side, aim to wake up at the same time each day and when you get up, try having a shower with our High Spirits Shower Oil packed with superherbs and an essential oil blend of eucalyptus, black peppermint, lemon peel, and black pepper – this packs a punch to immediately wake up the mind and body.  Then switch out your normal morning cuppa for our Bright Awakenings English Breakfast Tea which contains the finest black tea yet fortified with super herbs and rosemary to supercharge your morning with added clarity and alertness.   

Implementing this simple sleep-wake self-care routine at either end of your day along with the other suggestions here should see you well on your way to achieving a more balanced circadian rhythm.  


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