Perfect Sustainable Gifts For The Person Who Has Everything

Buying a gift can be a challenge because you want them to love it!  But buying someone who has everything, a gift can feel impossible.

Gift giving is an expression of love, care, and celebration, whether this is for a birthday, Christmas, house warming, new job, or an anniversary. The main point is to make someone feel happy and thought of, but to do this well, it really needs to have meaning and purpose.

So what can you buy someone that goes beyond simply material goods?  How about something that encourages them to take time for themselves and improves how they feel.

Now what if we told you, you can now buy this in a sustainable, wellness gift set too?  

Well, you can! You don’t have to worry about what to buy someone and if they already have it all because at Tea & Tonic we have the perfect selection to boost mood, and bring balance and vitality into someone’s life.

Gift Someone The Holistic Approach To Health

We know you simply cannot bottle holistic wellness up and gift it. But you can help people on their journey and give them a guided hand.

That is why wellness bundles are the ideal gift this year. They will unwrap multiple gifts that will aid them in the practice of self-care and help them to recharge their batteries.

Everyone knows that having a hot bath and locking your phone away can help to wash away the stress of the day, but it is easier said than done sometimes. But if you gift them the perfect products to create these moments with luxury skincare and matching wellness teas, they will be so excited to experience and indulge in the ritual, feeling that extra bit special and loved as they do.

Choosing gifts that help with holistic wellness means you can buy a tangible gift that also carries such wonderful and thoughtful meaning within it. This can be rare and hard to find as material possessions normally are just that.  And it’s made more simple with Tea & Tonic, for example do you know someone who may struggle with sleep?  Well An Inviting Sleep Wellness Set or perhaps an Inviting Sleep Tea Subscription, is such a thoughtful and holistic gift – sustainably created too!  Or perhaps someone needs a positive lift, maybe they’re feeling low and fatigued – well a High Spirits Wellness Set would be surely to treat them well?  Not into skincare?  Then opt for the Tea Lovers Gift Set, giving tea lovers a new approach to stress relief and brightness.    


It is easy to pop to the shop and mindlessly fill your basket up with items with no real value or substance. Yes, people will like them but when you give this extra level of thought and meaning, whilst helping to brighten their day, is the gift that will be remembered and cherished beyond the moment its given.


The Art Of Gift Giving This Year

Gift giving does not have to mean spending hundreds of pounds on someone and still not knowing if they will like the gifts.

Aligning what you choose to buy for someone with their beliefs is a sure way to know that they will cherish and love whatever you choose to buy them.


You can do this by opting to buy sustainable gifts, everything at Tea & Tonic is picked, formulated, and made with these values. We believe you should be kind to your skin as well as the planet. So what better gift is there to buy than one that has done no harm or added to the ongoing issues within the world?  Here’s some more sustainable wellness gift ideas that might spark an idea for a loved one …or perhaps for your own wish list too!!

Gift Them A Moment Of Peace

Our cleansing gift set is a way to relax and recharge from the day or the week. By gifting this to a loved one you are also gifting them the opportunity to sit down with a hot cup of tea and take a few moments to themselves.

Sweet Dreams Wellness Gift Set Pack Shot

Gift Them Relief

Life can bring about physical tension within your body, this could be from stress, sitting at a desk all day or physical activity. Gifting someone our muscle balm, can help to relieve these aches and pains.

Giving someone the means of natural muscle relief can help to soothe and relax their body which in term can help to grant them moments of inner peace and tranquillity. As muscle recovery is vital to everyone’s overall well-being.

Gift Them Serenity And Calm

Aromatherapy is a way to naturally still the mind and relax the body, it is powerful, and you can gift this to a loved one.

Our aromatherapy face oils can help to ease the daily tension from the frown lines, around the mouth and the outer side of the eyes and even the forehead. This calm blend of super herbs, British seed oils and essential oil blend is a way to instantly relax, recharge and refresh.

Bright Awakening Light Face Oil

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