Need for Nurture: Mother’s Day Wellness Gift Guide 2022

Mother’s Day is coming up in 2 weeks (March 27th, mark your calendar!) and if you are in search of the perfect gift, we’re here to help you out. Perhaps you’re someone who likes to treat that special mum in your life spontaneously and bring her flowers every once in a while, but Mother’s Day is that one day a year where we get to treat these lovely Mums even more. Whilst Mums are some of the best nurturers in the world they also need nurturing, so why not give her a gift that makes her feel wrapped in love and care? In this article, we’ll run you through the best wellness gifts for Mother’s Day 2022.

What Should You Be Gifting For Mother’s Day?

With this annually celebrated day, it can be tricky to stay creative when it comes to finding gifts for Mother’s Day. If you’ve gifted your mum a scarf, new earrings, chocolates or flowers for three successive years, it may be time for a change! One of our favourite Mother’s Day gifts is a luxury wellness gift, that allows your mum to spend some quality time on herself. Mums are known for taking care of everyone in the house but how often are they forgetting about themselves? By choosing a lovely wellness gift, you can encourage her to de-stress, taking some well overdue time for self-care.

Sustainable Skincare Gifts For Mother’s Day

In our consumer society, days like Mother’s Day can cause worry for some people as it means people will be buying a lot more. Not the most sustainable day of the year, you could say. So if you buy something for your mum this year, take a look at the more sustainable gift options out there. You’ll treat your mum whilst also being kind to our beautiful planet. 


If they like spa skincare and teas then check out these sustainable skincare gift sets as a great option for Mother’s Day. Whether you’re looking for face oils, bath oils or herbal teas, everything can be included in a wellness gift set. One of our personal favourites is the Saving Grace Wellness Gift Set, which includes the Meadow’s Secret Cleansing Balm, Saving Grace Rich Face Oil, Saving Grace Earl Grey Wellness Tea and a cleansing cloth. A perfect gift set for your mum! Or the mother of your children, for that matter. Because it doesn’t matter what mum you’re treating this Mother’s Day; every single one deserves to be spoiled!

skincare gift sets

Luxury Face Oils & Herbal Teas

If your mum has had a stressful time or you simply think she deserves to be spoiled, we definitely recommend having a look at our luxury face oils. With worrying and stress, we often find that our skin can begin to look more dull, glow less and it can even cause fine lines and wrinkles to pop up. By using our Bright Awakening Facial Oil, your mum will get that pick-me-up that she needs. This 100% natural, vegan and cruelty free tonic helps to awaken, brighten and revitalise your body and mind. The result? Smooth, supple skin that radiates a healthy glow. 


And don’t forget about our most popular award-winning facial oil, the Saving Grace Rich Face Oil, voted ‘Best Buy’ by The Independent in 2021! This tonic is perfect for night time use and helps to reveal smooth and supple skin by comforting the skin from within. An absolute treat that will (literally) light up your mum’s day (and face) this Mother’s Day.

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Limited Edition Sleep Gift Set for Mums

And saving the best for last and a gift that nearly all new mums MUST have is the saviour of sleep!  This Limited Edition Nurturing Sleep wellness set promotes deep relaxation and sleep, created especially for all those special Mums out there that are yearning for more sleep!  Perfect for Mothers and all Sleep Seekers in fact!  It includes Inviting Sleep Golden Milk Tea – a dreamy smooth bedtime blend; The Meadow’s Secret Cleansing Balm and Organic Hemp Cleansing Cloth – perfect for cleansing and nourishing the skin before snuggling into bed.  

Mini Inviting Sleep Halen Mon Bath Salts –  two-shots of this award-winning hand harvested sea salts infused in our signature aromatherapy sleep blend. 


It’s worth over £65 and here it is for just £55 and it comes wrapped in a gift box with beautiful floral ribbons, making it the most presentably beautiful gift too. 

skincare gift sets

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