Introducing The Herbalist Healing Power of Adaptogens

We’re all on the hunt for products that are fuelled with natural nutrients that give us a much desired wellness boost. A self-care pick me up is definitely on the cards to survive this last burst of winter and give us that little glimpse of warmth. Within nature there are a number of miraculous ingredients that we can turn to for a much needed super kick when it comes to health and wellness. And one of the saviours of these being Adaptogens! This selection of plant-derived ingredients come in all shapes and sizes and are commonly known as ‘super herbs’ with good reason. 

In this article, we’ll dive into what adaptogens actually are and explain how they work to protect us against everyday stress which in turn is so beneficial to how we look, feel and function. 

Tea &Tonic’s natural products are packed with a number of the very best adaptogens for helping skin, body and mind.  In fact, these powerful super herbs are at the heart of Tea &Tonic’s range where you’ll find a carefully formulated complex infused into each and every product.  Tea &Tonic’s Medicinal Herbalist specialises in these very special herbs and we have created an in-depth adaptogens list, stating all that’s in our products but also what the key benefits of each product are.

What are Adaptogens?

Adaptogens known as “super herbs” are wonders of the natural world, having the ability in their natural essence to uniquely adapt to the body’s needs which make them the perfect ingredient to fuel and protect our wellness. They’re a huge saviour when it comes to bringing balance and strength to our bodies, helping to support the immune system, and showing resistance to stress, our skin’s stressors and overall wellness. 

At Tea & Tonic our Superherb Complex™ features across our skincare and wellness teas to provide an easy way to apply and drink your daily dose.  These act as a power bank in their own right but set alongside other key ingredients to further enhance and optimise results. Take Tea &Tonic’s Ginger Turmeric Tonic Wellness Tea Bags including the super herbs Ashwagandha, Gotu Kola and Schisandra Berry mixed alongside the more familiar yet beautifully effective and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger, turmeric and lemon balm. All working together to give a powerfully delicious wellness tonic, to help balance stress and support a healthy immune system. With Ashwagandha responsible for bringing that extra health kick, helping the skin’s natural balance, improves strength and agility and general immune functioning. Schisandra Berry is rich in lignan and known to help longevity of life and cellular renewal whilst Gotu Kola brings a punch of all-round healing and boosts mood and general mental clarity too. These plant-derived super herbs really can give us a helping hand when it comes to health and wellness. 

How Do Adaptogens Work?

The use of adaptogens in skincare can give a potent addition to your skincare routine and boost your overall skin’s health, providing the fuel to skyrocket your skin towards a healthier more radiant complexion. Not only do they contain an extraordinary level of antioxidants and vitamins but also a more unique collection of bioactive chemical compounds; the use of adaptogens in skincare brings far wider benefits including the ability to help maintain the skin’s natural balance, protecting and strengthening against environmental stress, supporting healthy cellular renewal and collagen production and combating signs of ageing. As well as its medicinal anti-fatigue properties in products like teas, the ability for adaptogens to morph and adapt to your body means their properties can go much beyond! 

At Tea & Tonic, we partner these super herbs with other wondrous, wellness ingredients to give the ultimate super boost. Tea &Tonic’s range of super herbs fluctuates widely between products, whether that’s infused within our teas, body oils, face oils, cleansers etc. The abilities and adaptable qualities of these super herbs allow it to enhance any environment in which it is placed. A less familiar adaptogen used within our products includes a revolutionary gem in the wellness world called Amla. This hidden gem is a champion when it comes to wellness included all over our products like our Saving Grace Rich Face Oil and the perfect example of the effectiveness and abilities of adaptogens. Amla super herb is one of the richest sources of vitamin C, twenty times that in orange juice! With its albilites, it’s high in antioxidants which means high in anti-ageing benefits that protect and smooth the skin. 


What Adaptogens do Tea & Tonic use?

As a brand we strive on celebrating nature as a whole, showcasing the best of British-grown active botanicals with their high quality efficiency and innovation. Using non-toxic 100% natural ingredients, hand blending and synchronising ingredients for optimal performance, whilst partnering directly with growers for the freshness most potent blends – including some from our herbalist’s own medicine garden! This is how we create truly unique skin care blends that perform at the highest levels. Allowing us as a brand to celebrate and showcase how great natures adaptogens and ingredients really are. When it comes to showcasing all our luxury botanicals and unique adaptogens used within Tea & Tonic’s products, we display all our ethically sourced blends within an ingredients page on our website.

Drink your tea, apply your tonic and it’s never been so simple to enjoy the benefits of adaptogens! 

A great introduction to adaptogens is Tea and Tonics use of Schisandra Berry, native to china, Japan and Korea this english grown adaptogen can be seen to bloom from the spring thriving in a fertile, shaded environment. It’s bright red berries are seen in an array of products due to its anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits. At Tea and Tonic we include this super herb in an array of products like the Bright Awakening Halen Môn Body Scrub. Perfectly suited for a luxurious salt scrub, as enriched plant oils work alongside the charcoal-filtered seawater of Anglesey. This Halen Môn scrub is made with optimal freshness and its superherb awakening is a perfect body refresh! 

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