How To Use A Cleansing Balm Correctly

Are you someone who follows a double-cleanse routine? If not, it can be difficult to know where to start. There are so many makeup-removing products on the market. You’ve got your makeup wipes, right down to your micellar water. But, have you ever considered introducing a cleansing balm into your beauty regime? In this article, we will be breaking down what a cleansing balm is, how to use one correctly, the benefits of adding one to your skincare routine and if you can use one every day.

What Is A Cleansing Balm?

First things first, let’s discuss what exactly a cleansing balm is and where it should sit in your skincare routine. Cleansing balms are typically creamy, a rich texture skincare product that works to remove any dirt or impurities from your skin. The best balms will do this without leaving your skin feeling dry or indeed oily, whilst nurturing the skin’s natural microbiome. 

Cleansing balms are particularly important when it comes to your eye area. Unlike other cleansing products, balms are unusually softer, and better when it comes to removing stubborn eye makeup as they’re more oily in nature.  However, some are better than others with this and not all are as good with these more sensitive parts of your skin.  So here’s how to spot ones that are:

Firstly, check the label to ensure it is suitable for use across the delicate eye area.  Tea & Tonic is one to look at as it uses only 100% natural ingredients that help to relieve any stress from the skin.  Only making sustainable products with the environment in mind too which is worth that extra tick too! Look at The Meadow’s Secret Cleansing Balm as this is a nutrient-rich cleansing balm remedy and is our meadow’s best-kept secret for dissolving all make-up including stubborn mascara, excess oil, and impurities whilst beautifully softening the skin as well as promoting a supple, dewy-fresh, radiant complexion. Not only that, but this cleansing balm is also fortified with our adaptogen super herb complex that helps to balance the skin’s natural microbiome.  It’s also hand-blended in small batches for optimal freshness and potency. 

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How To Use A Cleansing Balm Correctly? 

Next up, it’s time to find out how to use a cleansing balm correctly! Cleansing balms are meant to clean your skin, whilst also trapping any moisture. If you don’t use your balm in the right way, you may find that it leaves a greasy residue behind, which is not what we want! 

Firstly, we would recommend taking a small pea-sized amount of our cleansing balm and massaging it on dry skin. Then, gently wipe away the cleanser using a warm and moist Hemp Cleansing Cloth, Repeat perhaps once more or until your skin feels clean and the cloth is clear. 

The Benefits of Using A Cleansing Balm

Swapping out your regular cleanser for a cleansing balm could be very beneficial for your skin. Many makeup-removing products on the market nowadays may remove your top layer of foundation, but fail to truly get into the deep crevices of your skin and also, leave your skin feeling dry. Here are some additional benefits of adding a cleansing balm to your skincare routine: 

  • Cleansing balms are typically oil-based, meaning that your skin will remain hydrated
  • Say goodbye to makeup-removing products stripping away those natural oils that you have on your skin! A cleansing balm shouldn’t do this. 
  • A cleansing balm is ideal when it comes to removing all makeup and impurities from your skin, leaving it fresh and clean.
  • It’ll give your pores a deep clean as well.
  • Cleansing balms tend to be more gentle than other cleansers and are usually good on all skin types – even for everyone with more sensitive skin!

Can You Use A Cleansing Balm Every Day?

The short answer is yes and your skin will most likely love you for it! Cleansing balms are made to be soft and gentle on the skin. As well as this, they are also effective at dissolving everything from dirt to impurities and even makeup. The best balms are also able to achieve this without leaving your skin feeling dehydrated, dry, or tight. If you are someone who wears makeup regularly or likes to wash your face every day, then we recommend using it morning and night

Share your cleansing tips here that help ease the stress of the day away.

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