Co-Healing & Co-Evolving: Everything You Need To Know About Collective Self Care

Over the years, the idea of self-care has come into the light, with more advocates coming forward and supporting this concept. Whilst self-care is important and vital for our individual growth, here at Tea & Tonic, we are big believers of co-healing and co-evolving. In this article, we will be exploring these ideals, what they mean and how we, as a company, incorporate them into our everyday products. 

What Does ‘Co-Healing’ Mean?

Co-healing is a term that is currently not as mainstream as it should be. Whilst the importance of self-care has spread amongst the globe over recent years, there is also a need for understanding how groups of people can come together and help heal one another. 

Co-healing goes beyond oneself, it’s about connecting with other human beings and opening our minds and hearts, this can offer a group dynamic of support which we might not get from just ourselves. 

Whilst the importance of self-care should still be embraced and is vital in fact, both emotionally and physically it is an important practice for looking after oneself.  Yet the concept of being able to connect with other human beings in order to help them heal as well as oneself, through shared experiences should be one that is explored and celebrated as well.  There is much more fulfilment gained when we connect, share and give to each other.

What is ‘Co-Evolving?’

Whilst in comparison to self-care, co-healing can seem completely selfless, it actually isn’t. Co-healing involves more than one person, more than yourself. It can include two, three or maybe even hundreds of individuals. This means that everyone is working towards a greater goal which is co-evolving. Through taking part in the act of co-healing, whether that be in digital spaces, in your day-to-day life or even the comfort of your own home, we can help bring together human beings and live better together, as one. This creates a more evolved, emotionally intelligent collection of people, which is referred to as ‘co-evolving’. 

Co-evolving can be thought of as an extended family, where the members are all connected emotionally and the more that we routinely perform acts of kindness and love towards one another, on behalf of one another, the more we as individuals will evolve and flourish as a result.


How Can Collective Self-Care Help Us Live Better?

So, the question becomes, how can collective self-care help us live better together? By coming together and understanding that human connection is a powerful tool, not only for our own self-care journeys, but also for how we evolve as a species, we begin to realise we can be of great benefit to each other. The beauty of co-healing is that it allows people to connect through shared experiences. Shared experiences create moments, no matter how small or big, that allow everyone to feel like they belong whilst also promoting a space for growth and learning.

In addition, they also offer opportunities to take relationships to a greater level of both trust, respect and intimacy. If all humans shared their experiences as groups, we would be able to evolve quicker in our emotional capacity. 

Through this notion of collective self-care, we can pass on our wisdom, tricks and tips, which will enable us to become smarter as a whole. For years, cultures have passed down stories, rituals, recipes and even medical advice which has helped shape the entire identities of groups. Imagine if human beings came together more often to learn and share from each other? We would be even more full of wisdom and have even more tricks up our sleeves.

The Importance Of Collective Self-Care And A Wiser Approach To Wellness Here At Tea & Tonic

Here at Tea & Tonic, we believe that co-healing and co-evolving are all vital parts of our future. With these ideals in place, we are able to incorporate them into our line of products along with our concept of having a wiser approach to wellness. As a company, we want to focus on wiser wellness – an approach that is integrated, interactive and continuously evolving much like human kind. We encourage our customers and experts to share their own wisdom, remedies and learnings too, so we can grow better and more resilient together as we continue in our journey of evolution.

This is also reflected in our belief that all we do should be wiser – in our sourcing, our packaging, our blending and so forth.  We are proud to support local farmers, harnessing the fruits of our lands, bringing nature’s most effective ingredients, whilst also sustainably and mindfully being aware of the wellness of ourselves and our planet whilst doing so. All of our products include the most ethical, sustainable ingredients that we could seek out and when it comes to production methods, we hold this same ethos for our packaging. We believe that taking more care of the earth and mother nature is an amazing example of how human beings can come together and evolve as one for the better of all.  A simple notion that brings a greater result.

                                                                                              Simplify.  Stress Less.  Live Well.

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